See the Avengers take on a crisis that has been three thousand years in the making…


See the Avengers as they discuss the best way to battle the BP oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.


Avengers Assemble! Ep 2: Jobs

Watch as the Avengers battle  the one thing not even they are immune to… corporate downsizing.


The Webseries I’ve been working on, Avengers Assemble,  has finally launched. You can  watch the first episode now:

And here is the official website for the show:



Here’s a photo from the last day of Principal Photography for “Bob & Bob”.

This has been a great project to work on and I want to thank Director Andrew Alonso for believing in me and taking us both on this crazy ride, and to fellow Mark Oliver for the referral on the gig.


It’s been a long two weeks.

Just wrapped filming two episodes of a new web series “Avengers Assemble” . I am Acting and Producing alongside Writer/Producer Brian Godleski and the first two episodes are being Directed by Pat Clark. My amazing wife Miracole and I have spent the last two weeks building all of the costumes and fitting talent to them, all of except the Captain America and Hawkeye costumes. A heartfelt thanks to our friend and fellow Costumer Brian Parsley, for the loan of the Hawkeye costume I wore, and to Jamie Vosseller who provided us with the best location we could have dreamed for.

Here is a cast shot from Episodes 1 & 2.

Avengers Assemble!

The Cast includes Matt Cornwell, Brian Godleski, Jen Richards, Casey Edwards, Lara Leigh Stevenson, Kevin Spooner, Myself, Jackson McDonald, and Miracole Burns. Congrats on an incredibly fun shoot guys!


Just wrapped shooting the last three days on “Zombie Movie Movie” Directed by Pat Clark.  I want to express my gratitude towards the cast and crew for making this one enjoyable and as easy as possible, since I was nursing a cold and was quite under the weather.  The cast included Matt Cornwell, Josh Cunningham, Cara Mantella, and Olufemi Sowemimo.  A huge hearfelt thanks goes out to Pat’s wife, Katy Clark, for keeping us well fed and comfortable the last two days.


On set today with fellow actor Angie Harrell shooting a PR spec spot for Best Buy/Geek Squad Directed by Cindy Abel.


Shot today on the set of “Thinking of You” with co-directors Chris Tsambis and Jessica Imoto Harney. This is me in an Otter suit. I play a singing telegram delivery messenger who finds out on Valentine’s Day that his girlfriend has been sent a telegram he must deliver by another man, causing him to snap.

Chris Burns playing Bear the Otter in "Thinking of You"


I just got home from shooting a Turner Broadcast commercial for “The Best of Inside the NBA”.

Many thanks to Production Manager Jamie Vosseller and my co-talent Marcus Welch (pictured) for a great shoot day.